[Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 10:14PM IST]

Codingparks.com takes your profile data for availing the services,but it is 100% confidential. So you should not fear to share any information with us. We will keep your data with privacy and never use it for the selling or advertisement purpose. You will only receive only text or Emails from Codingparks.com. Your information will be collected by Cyber Security Team, which is very necessary to provide. Before acquiring the Codingparks.com services you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have to provide each and every true information what will be asked by the Codingparks.com after the payment. Remember one thing strictly, you have to provide genuine information, no fake information. If you will fill any wrong or irrelevant information that you will be asked for, then your payment is not refundable. So it is a very clean and sharp request that please provide genuine information to the Codingparks.com if you will be asked.
  2. And one of the important facts is that your project development will be started after the payment and you will be notified in regards. If you have done the payment and after that, you cancel the project, then your money is non-refundable. Your Payment will be treated in the codingparks favor. You can’t refund it.
  3. After the project has been released from Codingparks.com you have only 1 hours to report the problem, after 1 hour we will not handle the request. For the changes purpose, you have to pay additionally.
  4. You can’t ask to release your project before the decided deadlines. You can’t ask for refund or chargeback after the 1 hour of the delivery.(For each delivery updates, 1-hour reporting will be applicable.
  5. We never guarantee that you will get good marks/response always. It’s only your responsibility. We will not be responsible for it. If you’ll not get good marks, you can’t ask for the refund or any other action in regards(No complaints etc.), it’s your responsibility that you will get good or bad marks/response.
  6. We will give you the quality work but if due to any issues at your side you didn’t get the good marks and response then you are solely responsible for that.
  7. If you have any doubt that project is rejected due to our development, then we will fix a meeting with developer and developer will show you each and everything by executing. Our work is only to provide you the running program/software, all other measurements criteria are your responsibility.
  8. Codingpark.com is not responsible for any kind of loss (Financial etc.) of clients. We are making it very clear that if you hire us for any work and results fails to give desired output and you face any kind of loss, Codingparks.com (We) are/is not responsible.
  9. When we give you the project after that it’s your responsibility to check it completely and to point out the things which don’t satisfy you, within 1 hours after delivery. 1 hours time limit is applicable for all the deliveries e.g. Final Package/files + Updated Files or versions files . If possible at the same cost we will do otherwise we will charge you for that.
  10. Once the project is assigned and you paid the money, you have only 12 hours of time to cancel the project. But if you don’t inform in between, your money is non-refundable. If you want to cancel your order, you have to inform within 12 hours after the payment.
  11. Before hiring us you must accept that you can’t take any legal action against us. Your order is your sole responsibility and your fully independent decision. If you have taken it, you are only the one, who will be responsible for the outcomes. You can’t blame and claim us for that. So decide very carefully. If your project was failed to achieve what you want then you are individually responsible for that. You can’t point us for that loss because you are hereby agree that you accept these terms and conditions.

Before hiring and paying you must agree to the above terms and conditions. If you pay the amount, then it will be considered that you accepted the above all terms and conditions.